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What would you do if I sang out of tune?

The topic of this is friendships. The train of thought began with the question: Why is it that the happier you are with your own life, the more petty people around you who are going through a rougher period tend to become? That in reminding those people that you aren't a fair weather friend they respond by either turning the jerk waaaaay up to prove you wrong, or in opening up and sharing a little of their pain and feeling a bit better about themselves, remembering why friends are good and you should treat them well?

I've decided that our own happiness can be a sort of occam's razor of friendship. Whatever happens when you are willing to share it with those who are not in such a good place offers a small, but needed proof for a solid friendship.

I think the same can be said of depression. When I've gone through bad times, people have gone out of their way to renew friendships to me by taking time out of their lives to let me know I'm supported and whatnot.

And again on the other side of this, in the past I've had people try to (and some succeed at) take advantage of me in a weak and possibly self-destructive state.

It's the highs and lows of life that often define who we are to people, how we handle them and what they are willing to expect/reject/accept.

In the end, it is not who I am to others that defines me, but it is an important part of my life. Am I a good brother? A good son? A good fiancee? Will I make a good husband, or perhaps father or even grandpa one day? And what about a good friend? To whom am I a good friend and to whom am I an aquaintance, buddy or 'ex' something?

The answer is, I have a handful of close friends, a decent circle of friends that I can pick up with after who-cares-how-many years as if the other just stepped out of the room, and quite a few friendly aquaintences that I might spend hours with every week but I won't be telling my darkest secrets too (or asking theirs) unless something changes. I value all of those kinds of friendships, they all have their place and each may evolve into this and that over time, which is fine.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about friendships, as getting hitched tends to make you evaluate things. These are just a few of my thoughts, many that I've had and voiced before, but are getting dusted off.


I too am doomed to live in interesting times, with la vida loca of planning that is going on right now, but as it turns out later in the week generally works for me too, so it may not be am impossibility. Also, I hear they have beer and burritos betwixt Bothell and Northgate somewhere and that's fine too. Actually, across the street from me is an honest-to-god open till 1AM Mexican joint which I highly recommend.
This is a rumor, I too have heard, of things between Northgate and Bothell. I'm not sure I trust it but I'm willing to give it a shot. *flips open appointment book*

What does next week look like for you?
Oops! Sorry, I have a pay attention to comments attention span defecit. Also I think I need to integate this into some other media, or get an iphone app so I know when people are commenting. this week is insane, next week is insane. week after? Slightly less.
So, the first week of May?

*looks at day planner*

Hrmmmm. Well, I likely have time after the Sounders game if you wanted to meet up for dinner on 5/8?
Er Saturday Evening bad. I don't suppose there is a thurs, fri or sat day open in your future?
April 29 and 30 night should be good.
Hrm, we are creatures of opposites. I have those days open, but not the evenings.

Tomorrow, I'm getting people together for a showing of Kick-Ass at the Cinerama. April 23-25, I have my Seattle Women's Chorus Retreat. The entire first week in May is just bad for evening meetings. The week of May 10th is almost entirely open, except for Monday night.
Also have Kick-ass plans for this week. :P Week of may 10 it is then. Thurs, fri or Sat day? What is your pleasure?
How about the 13th?

And, hey, all we have to do is find a place to meet, now!
Yay! It is in the phone and phone is god. There's a gmail addy with brightwyrm at the front of it you could send ur digits to if you want me to txt you a couple days before so we can work out the particulars. :)
Keen. I shall do this thing.

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