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The long (awaited) update!

So hi livejournal. Been a long time since I've written in you. A lot has happened in the time since.

Job - I'm working at Microsoft again, helping manage their websites. I do the homepage microsoft.com, the downloads page and a few others. The job is better, and my boss is both more instructive and kind than was the one over at Demand Media. The company culture is much more supportive and a lot les cutthroat. I'm on track for a Systems Engineering position, and when I get there, I'll have earned it, and actually know what I'm doing. The job can be demanding sometimes, and there is a lot of scrutiny on webpages like that from upper management, but my name is getting out there as a solid guy that can do the work that needs doing and is willing and able to learn, and I make enough to pay the bills. Right now, that's working out well. It's interesting working with native Indians so much, and I'm actually learning some interesting things about holidays, different regional foods and customs, and a lot about Cricket, a game that takes real stamina to play with 6hr long games in the 'reduced' form.

Family - My mom seems very happy with her guy, Dick, an older gentleman with three grown up kids. They've been together for a few years now, six I think. He's a nice guy, and makes my mom feel secure and happy, I can tell. She's planning a family reunion this year on Camano Island, which I might go to if I can manage. My sisters have had a year of unstable relationships, but in your 20's that's sort of what you do. Still they are doing better than I did at their ages, and things seem to have mellowed out for both of them now. My Dad and I have stayed in touch, and he's sent me some cool tidbits about my granddad and grandma on my Dad's side including some old-timey wedding photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents on that side I'd never seen before that are pretty cool. Andrew and I have been bonding over comics, the '65 and soon, him being my best man. That's right, if you've been living under a rock and hadn't heard, yours truly is getting hitched! Sorry ladies! :)

Personal Life - What can I say about Laura Jane Thornton, soon to be Mrs. Jane Schetzle? (She goes by Jane) We met over geeky games which we maintain, so were friends first. We bonded and became more by dancing, playing with a new kitten (Lolly, a rescue from a kitty halfway house run by parents of friends) that has joined my household, we played nerdy games together, we went to the beach together, I showed her all of my favorite restaurants and woodland places, poems and plays and jokes all while she finished up school at WSU and shared her stories and life with me. So many things in my life have fallen into place since I met her and we opened our hearts to each other. Big changes to my outlook, we became best friends, partners and love was just the most natural thing in the world to follow. I proposed to her late last summer, and she said yes. This year has been a whirlwind of planning, learning the quirks of each other's families and recruiting our nearest and dearest to share the day with us this summer. That's taken up most of my brainspace in the last year.

Friends - It's funny when you are planning a wedding, you pick the guestlist way early and family gets to come first, even though there are people you've met in life that are people you'd take a bullet for. I am blessed to have some awesome guys to be my groomsmen, and am looking forward to a rapidly approaching evening of steak and tux fitting. Friendships change, wax and wane sometimes though, and some people you can pick up with right where you left off years ago like no time has passed, while still others change so that you hardly recognize them. Friends that truly care about you will always have mixed emotions about a change like this in your life, but in the end, those that truly wish for our happiness have made sure to let me know, by just standing by to help whenever a leg up has been needed. I am looking forward to letting my friends know that Jane and I count on them to help us make this work in the long term, that we recognize we didn't get to this point in our lives without their support and love in front of all my family, by birth and by choice! And then to have booze and fly off someplace sunny for a bit. :) I am actually blessed enough to say that I have so many friends and close acquaintances that I couldn't possibly invite them all to the event itself, but Jane and I are planning to host a big barbecue reception later that summer and invite those we couldn't squeeze into the bleachers, so if you are missing an invite, please keep us on your radar for later!

Mind - I'm in the zone and ready to go. Put me in coach! There's stress from all the wedding stuff sometimes, like we haven't planned a this or a that yet, but the big things are all good, so there is space to breathe. I'm nervous, and have been dreaming of opening nights lately, but I know that when I see Jane in that dress, all the stress is going to melt away.

Body - I had been working out, but that stopped when the personal trainer we had turned out to be a crazy mixed martial arts fighter that wanted us to do high impact stuff that was a bit above our level. Treadmill, it's what's on the menu now. Gotta make the ladies jealous! Even so, I have a lady who loves me as I am, pudge or no. :) 

Spirits - Every shred of support I get from friends and family is a balm to the things that stress me out, from bills, to wedding expenses to whatever live sends our way, the best part is, I never have to face those things alone, because I have friends and family and my soon-to-be family Jane. I feel hopeful and optimistic, my tendency when drama occurs around me is just to sidestep it and move on and I'm making steady progress in all of the things that are important in my life right now, which is awesome. I feel like a kid again, except I'm a grown up with a grown-up life. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Anyway journal, (and friends) thanks for listening,

 - Chris


good to see you back on LJ, and VERY good to hear that your life is going so well :)
Thanks man. :)
Win indeed. :)
Congrats. =D
Thanks lady!
by the by:

Happy Birthday.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Congrats on everything. I miss the Chris so its nice to see the update and that reminds me that I need to do mine soon too.

Hug. Glad you know that you have great friends that are always here to support you. There is also truth in who will stand by you when you make such a huge commitment.

I have a save the date card. Is that the invite? If so where are you guys registered if not... then where are you guys registered? Lol, if you guys need help with anything let me know I am always here for you. ;)
We are sending invites out seperately, though I thought you were gonna be in sunny Hawaii with yer Phil that week (or Chicago, or somethin').

... not so much

If its July 31 we will be in town. We are not in town in August thats when the reception is. The wedding is in a week and a half.

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