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Here are my choice words.

You who were all hugs and smiles when she came back I can hardly blame.

She didn't lie to you about not paying the insurance on the car she'd wrecked, a car bought on someone else's credit. She didn't scream at the top of her lungs until the neighbors threatened to call the police because she was off her meds and lying about that. She didn't lock you in a bathroom for hours and punch and slap you. She didn't make you out to be the abuser even though you were the one with bruises on your abdomen, face, heart and soul. She didn't leave you so stressed that your eye would swell with hives any time a woman had a more than minor beef with you - A woman like your boss who would eventually fire you.

But don't you tell me to get over it. Don't you tell me to get over myself.

I'm probably never going to forgive, and I'm definitely never going to forget.

I'm getting over it. With the help of friends. I'm never going to 'get over myself' when it comes to never, ever putting up with that kind of abuse again in my life. That kind of person isn't wanted here, and if you choose to support that mess, neither are you.

As for the hugs and smiles crowd, all I can say is this: Be careful, she's a liar, a manipulator, and an abuser - and keep her the fuck away from me.


Thanks lady.
Yeah I totally can relate to how you feel.

Passes beer nuts.
I wish you didn't, but I'm glad you do. Know what I mean? Thank you.
I will admit, I was surprised to see her.
Jane and I are looking into the possibility of a restraining order. I don't want her anywhere near me.
To be honest, I don't trust her; up until now though, I've only ever heard one side of things, and even that wasn't much as I was trying to stay out of it. But no-one has a right to tell you to 'get over it', and I'm truly sorry for that happening to you. In between what you both say I have no sure idea of what to believe, but my instincts tell me that you're telling the truth. If I've let you down, Chris, I humbly apologise.
No worries man, you'll probably never see that side of her I hope. The kind of person she is in public isn't the same person she can be in private. She's charming, or can be, but for whatever reason she feels she can justify that kind of stuff with people she is close to.
well I'm glad I didn't hurt your feelings, I was so in character that giving her a hug (as Nemesis) and conversing with her, it didn't even dawn on me until your post about what kind of effect that might have had on you. And I sure don't want to come across as careless.
Sounds like a crazy bitch. Don't worry, Satan burns a special fire.

Hang in there. Nice to see you posting, anyway.
My hugs and smiles are for j00 and Jane.
Holy hell, anyone who says "just get over it" clearly doesn't know wtf is up.

<3s man, let me know if you every feel like coffee-ing.
Hug. Thats about all I got, and I owe you a couple of dinners. Let me know if your still interested.

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